"Gray Hodge is the most responsive structural engineer with whom I have worked in my 30-year career as an architect. The HSE staff always gets a good handle on the budget, as well as on the human functional requirements, before proceeding with structural system ideas. This approach is instrumental in producing appropriate systems with regard to building form, activity accommodation, and budget compliance.

In the past seven years, we have not started a single project without the expertise of Hodge Structural Engineers."

Rick Kirkpatrick, A.I.A. NCARB
Wilson, Hodge & Groh Architects

"Hodge Structural Engineers not only provides the design needed for bidding the project, it also provides the support necessary to see the project through to a successful conclusion."

Roger Brooks
Weddle Bros. Building Group, LLC

"HSE’s structural engineering services have always been of the upmost quality and professionalism. The HSE staff is especially conscientious when it comes to the turn-around time on a project. Our firm feels very fortunate to have the services of Gray Hodge and the engineering staff of HSE as a consultant/design team member."

Tim Raibley, AIA
Architecture & Design Group, P.C.

"Of course, we expect all consultants to produce timely efforts, within budget, and competently researched. However, Gray and the members of his firm have continued to operate above the level of mere consultant—offering exceptional and personable services that result in not only successful projects, but also a professional gratitude that is simple admiration. It is difficult for me to foresee a time when I will not be using Hodge Structural Engineers for my principal structural consulting."

Thad Heckman
Design Works